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“Starting my training in BJJ at the age of 41..."
“ “Starting my training in BJJ at the age of 41 was a little later than most, so from the beginning, I wanted to make the most efficient use of my time on the mat and accelerate my learning as much as possible. Taking weekly private lessons with Jean has delivered better and faster results than I ever imagined. “   Read More.....
- Dave Uva

“ I couldn't imagine Kimura not being a part of my life..."
“ One night I walked into Kimura BJJ after work to see what the school had to offer, that was over two years ago and I couldn't imagine Kimura not being a part of my life today. I look forward to training any chance I get, not just for the fact that it's the best BJJ school in the country but also for the fact that the people who I train with have become an extended family. The school's founder and owner Jean Kleber has an amazing ability to not only instruct, but to instill his own passion and excitement into his students as well. “
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- Bill Hines

“ I've been training at Kimura BJJ since 2011 and I love it..."
“ I've been training at Kimura BJJ since 2011 and I love it. Training there has truly changed my life for the better. Not only do you learn the fascinating art of brazilianjiujitsu, you also gain a very large and caring family. It is an atmosphere where you can learn about jiujitsu, about yourself and about other people. Whether you are looking for a place to train for fun, to get in better shape, for self defense, or a place where you can train to be a world class athlete, Kimura BJJ is the place to be. Hope to see you there! “    Read More.....
- Claire Silva

“ I'd always wanted to take up a martial art..."
"I'd always wanted to take up a martial art and a few years ago I started judo classes. After a while it was clear I enjoyed the ground grappling the most. I'd spoken with a few people and they all highly recommended Kimura in Watertown. It definitely lived up to its reputation as a first-class Brazilian JiuJitsu training center and I'm thrilled to have added it to my training routine.   Read More.....
- Kate Deforest

"To put it simply, Kimura BJJ has changed my life"
When started my first class at Kimura a year and a half ago I weighed around 235 lbs and most of that was fat and had nearly a 40 inch waist. I could hardly make it through the warm-up portion of that class I was so out of shape. Now at present I weigh in at 200 lbs with a 34 inch waist and often participate in back to back classes.    Read More.....
- Craig Goldberg

"I can honestly say that Kimura is the best"
"I started training at the Kimura BJJ Academy with Master Jean in 2006. I've trained at several other martial arts schools, including other Brazilian jiu-jitsu ones, and I can honestly say that Kimura is the best. Too often, there are instructors with great skill but absolutely no teaching ability. "   Read More.....
- Stanley Chen

“ Our 8 year old son Nate, really enjoys Kimura BJJ"
“Our 8 year old son Nate, started at Kimura 2 days a week when he was 5 1/2. Today he practices 2 to 3 days a week and he wouldn't have it any other way. It's his favorite activity of the week. He has learned patience, discipline, focus, self esteem, dignity, respect, confidence and sportsmanship. He has learned to work hard and practice hard. ”   Read More ....
- Frank and Suzanne Chandler

“ Kimura is simply a great place to train"
“ Kimura is simply a great place to train. I\'ve been since 2006 and Kimura stood out from the other schools I tried on day one. The techniques are always explained clearly and completely, questions are always answered thoroughly, and training is rigorous without feeling like you\'ve joined the Army. Another very important aspect is that the attitude during training accommodates everyone\'s goals and backgrounds. Someone\'s always willing to train hard, someone else is always willing to train light, and no one is ever trying to prove how tough they are or make an example of anyone.”   Read More ....
- Lucas Lowry

"Kimura BJJ is a great place to train"
“Kimura BJJ is a great place to train. I have been training with the team for a few years now—and it is like family. As one of the older guys, I used to wonder if I could still do this in my fifties—but no problem. You go at your own pace and everyone is supportive and respectful. Ever since I was a kid I have surfed, and travelled around the world looking for the best waves. The water is too cold in Massachusetts, so I stay fit rolling on the mats at Kimura.”
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- Dean Williams

Law Enforcement Testimonial 

"This type of training is outstanding"
"This type of training is outstanding. We need more instruction of this type. The material is very relevant to our training. The drills and skills can be easily incorporated into the PT program for conditioning while practicingand improving combat skills. The boxing drills will be useful for improving the "warrior mentality." These drills will improve our agents mental ability to move to the attack. The Brazilian Jiu-jitsu drills will improve conditioning, fitness, and explosive power. These drills and techniques will enhance our agents ability to practice and perfect their and technique. These will also improve officer survivability."
- Trent Davenport

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