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Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructors

One of the most unique characteristics distinguishing Kimura BJJ from other martial arts schools is the way in which Kimura instructors are trained and developed.

The philosophy of Kimura BJJ for instructor training and development is very simple: develop instructor talent from within or as we like to say “Our instructors are created at Kimura BJJ day by day, one by one, from day one.”

With few exceptions, Kimura instructors began their BJJ journey toward mastery under Master Jean Kleber. This philosophy helps to maintain Kimura’s authenticity and purity without any dilution of the original teaching methodology, technique, or philosophy of Kimura’s founders. This translates into Kimura students receiving a consistent teaching message, curriculum, and learning structure from all Kimura instructors at all of our branches.

Before ever taking charge of a class, every Kimura BJJ instructor is required to complete a comprehensive apprenticeship under Master Jean Kleber in order to fully understand all of the qualities necessary to provide Kimura BJJ students with the best possible training experience.

                      Kimura BJJ Instructors

                                Watertown Headquarters

Master Jean Kleber de Freitas

Master Jean is the founder and owner of Kimura BJJ U.S.A. He is a 3rd degree Black Belt certified by the IBJJF, USJJF, COBJJ, and CBJJ. Master Jean has spent his lifetime advancing the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. From launching Kimura BJJ in Europe and teaching seminars around the world, to his founding of Kimura BJJ in the U.S., Master Jean has already left his significant impact on the art of BJJ, and he continues to bring his world-class experience and knowledge to all Kimura BJJ students.

Master Jean has been training in BJJ since 1992 and teaching BJJ since 1995. He is also proficient in submission wrestling, judo, Muay-Thai, Vale Tudo, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and self-defense. A fierce competitor from the very beginning of his own BJJ training, Master Jean is a winner of countless victories and championships in world- class tournaments around the world (see Master Jean’s tournament record). There are few practitioners of the art of BJJ with the level of experience and knowledge of Master Jean, and fewer still who maintain a daily presence in their own schools, and who actively teach classes and train their students directly.

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Joe Bell

A student of Kimura BJJ since the early days of the school, Kimura Black Belt Joey Bell has been training in BJJ since 2003. Originally from Connecticut, Joey is a winner and medalist in several national and international BJJ competitions held both in the U.S. and Europe. With a background in competitive wrestling during his earlier years in school, Joey found BJJ to be a natural fit to take his ground fighting expertise to an even higher level and Kimura BJJ quickly became his “second home” after discovering BJJ.

Bruno Braz

A native of Espirito Santo Brazil, Kimura BJJ Black Belt Bruno Braz began training in Kimura BJJ in 2005. Bruno credits BJJ training with completely changing his life, giving him a stronger sense of focus and a positive place to direct his energy. He enjoys giving back to the art that has had such a positive impact on his own life by helping other Kimura BJJ students realize all of the benefits that BJJ training has to offer.

Stanley Chen

Stanley began his Kimura BJJ training in 2006 and currently holds a Black Belt under Master Jean Kleber. Before finding BJJ Stanley had previously trained for years in Karate and Tae Kwon Do. The Boston native enjoys helping other Kimura BJJ students develop their own personal BJJ style and is always happy to offer his knowledge and experience with Kimura BJJ students of all ranks.

Diego Ferroni

A Black Belt under Master Jean Kleber, Diego began his Kimura BJJ training in 2003. Originally from Brazil, Diego offers his students a broad spectrum of BJJ knowledge. He is an active and successful competitor in a variety of national and international BJJ tournaments. Diego is the lead Kimura BJJ instructor at Kimura BJJ in Taunton.




                                                 South Boston

Michael Fontes

Michael is a 2nd degree BJJ Black Belt under Master Jean Kleber. Born in Brazil, Michael has been training with Master Jean since 1996 and the two have been friends since childhood. Michael has been teaching BJJ since 2001 and brings a wealth of experience to his students. A consummate professional, Michael has also enjoyed world-class tournament success since his early days of training with many victories both in Brazil and the U.S. Michael is the lead instructor at Kimura BJJ in South Boston.

Andrea Muccini

Kimura BJJ Purple Belt Andrea Muccini has been training in Kimura BJJ since 2006. Andrea brings more than 16 years of martial arts training and experience to her students. She holds a Master’s degree in physical therapy and has coached led a variety of education and athletic programs for over 25 years. Andrea is a native of Boston and brings her endless energy and enthusiasm to her students in every class.



Bill Duffy

20 year police veteran and Kimura BJJ Black Belt Bill Duffy has been training under

Master Jean Kleber since 2006. With a natural gift for teaching, Bill brings a lifetime of experience to his Kimura students as an instructor at Kimura BJJ Tewksbury. Bill has a deep reservoir of experience in martial arts training and is credited with developing and designing New Hampshire Police Academy ground fighting classes where he was also an instructor.