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On Saturday, March 8th Kimura BJJ held another amazing belt promotion. It was a fantastic day for Kimura BJJ with over 150 people in attendance. 130 students were promoted in total including 42 belts- Blue, Purple, Brown and newly minted Black Belts Bruno Braz and Alex Vicente. While the school continues to grow and thrive, the sense of unity, camaraderie, and family has never been stronger. The unique bond that all Kimura students share was evident throughout the ceremony. We want to thank everyone who made this belt promotion a huge success and all Kimurense throughout the world who have contributed to making Kimura BJJ the best Brazilian Jiu-Jistu school around! After more than 10 years since its founding in the U.S. our school has never been stronger and we look forward to the continued growth and success of our students for many more years to come!



We want to congratulate all the kids that got promoted! Excellent Job! As Master Jean always says: " You guys are the future of the school!". Let's keep training any progressing as always. Thank you for the parents to take their time to bring the kids to train, that's precious! A Huge thanks and compliments for our Kids Head Instructor Bruno Ayolphi Braz, for the outstanding job! Bruno has a great energy and ability to keep the kids engaging and having fun and at the same time giving them an excellent instruction of BJJ techniques. And Finally, I can not forget to mention Harry Rankin and Brady Liss for the hard work, determination and for the huge spirit of help that those "boys" bring to the Kimura BJJ mat.

2013 Kimura BJJ Kids Graduation!

We are very happy to see the everyday commitment and dedication of our kids, as well as       their parents and/or nannies who bring them in for their daily classes! We really appreciate the time you all reserve to come to our school.

 Now it is time for the pay back for all the hard work and training! Yes they are                      getting their awards, be that a stripe or a belt, as a recognition for their attendance and               commitment to the classes.


Most of all, the biggest prize they are really getting is all the benefits of the martial art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in their lives -- Unity, respect, discipline, loyalty, enjoyment, fun,        responsibility, among other values within our school.

Lets keep coming to the classes and keep improving every day. You have nothing to
loose but for sure you do have lots of positive things to gain, physically and mentally!

  Congratulations to all of you for another accomplishment!


Kimura BJJ competitors at 2013 Tournament!

On Saturday, May 5th, a few of our students went out for another quest at the
NAGA Tournament which was held in Danbury, CT.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to go to the competition,
and that including all family and friends who came out to cheer and support
our competitors!

On the Kids Team: Ben Walls,
Joao Vitor, Brady Liss, Emerson
On the Adults Team: Justin Stout, Sean Graham, Ray Salguero, Zachrin Torbett, Yuri
Mednikov. We scored a total of 11 medals with our team of 9 competitors in this tournament.

Congratulations to all of you guys!!

Great energy, great fights and another great day! Again, we are very proud of our students who goes out representing Kimura Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in any chance they have, in any way they can by competing, training, supporting their fellow partners. Let us all continue to practice our beloved martial art of
BJJ with passion followed by our philosophy! 


Exciting moment at Kimura BJJ in Boston, MA!

Another great moment took place in our school! It was our BELT/STRIPE
hich was on Thursday, April 11th. Many of our white belt students
    moved on to their blue belt, meanwhile, everyone else was getting their stripes and
    ready for the next belt promotion. Many will be moving on to the next level as well!

    It is great to see our students happy and excited for their hard work paying off. And
    that is just a symbolic ceremony to acknowledge their commitment. For Master Jean
    Kleber and all other instructors, it is a greater feeling of accomplishment just to see the
    students achieving their goals by passing on the Art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the most
    traditional and refined way. Also to see the students looking forward to improve their
    skills each time they come in to class.
    We are very proud to be teaching the Art of BJJ in Boston MA, where after a few years
    of continuous work, we can firmly say that "we are making the difference not only in
   the field of martial arts but in people lifestyle" as we hear from our students! 

    As Master Jean Kleber says " anyone can teach Jiu-Jitsu, but not everyone will
   succeed if there is no passion and the ability of how to do it so!"

    We want to thank every single one of our students and supporters for making Kimura
    BJJ Academy what we are today, by following our philosophy. Congrats to all!



Kimura BJJ at IBJJF Boston Open 2013!

Once again, we are proud to have our athletes going out to compete as well as the ones who showed up to support the team!! 

Sunday, March 3rd 2013, we had a fair amount of our students that went to compete in the IBJJF Boston Open, which took place at UMASS Boston. Many of them took place making it to the podium!

Here are some of our athletes starting with Kimura BJJ competitors Andrew Labao and Ryan Harrison from the Watertown / Newton main Academy.  Also, Alissa Fitzgerald from Kimura BJJ South Boston location, with hand up for her victory after a great fight!! There were about 30 competitors and they all showed their hard work and dedication to the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

We strongly encourage everyone to stop by and at least try Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It is one of the greatest martial arts made for anyone who will dare just to put on the uniform (GI) and step on the mat. It doesn’t matter if you are active or not, it will still be a new and great experience!  


Kimura BJJ Tauton Team at L.I. Pride BJJ NY Tournament Feb.24th!

We are proud to announce another great performance from our students!! On Sunday, February 24th, 2013, a small group of our Kimura BJJ Team went out to New York to compete at the LI Pride Tournament bringing home some well deserved medals for their hard training an dedication to the sport of Jiu-Jitsu! Followed by Scott Weyant whom took gold, Joe Sansone also gold medal, Jason Cunninham with silver providing a great fight! They represented Kimura BJJ with pride and good sportsmanship! Tony Andrews also went to support the team and help coach during matches. Scott Weyant also added " Just wanted to thank you for giving us the tools to compete so successfully! " towards Kimura BJJ Academy. Truth is, we are thankful to have all you guys in our team and putting out such dedication and loyalty!
Congratulations to all of you! Lets keep on training hard and with the same passion as we carry on our philosophy! 

Fabiano Trancoso got his Black Belt!

We are glad to announce another great achievement in our school. On Saturday,
Oct. 27th, we had our school meeting with Master Jean Kleber where we talked
about our philosophy. Following, we were pleased to have one more of our students,
Fabiano Trancoso from Somerville, being promoted to BLACK BELT !! Fabiano has
been part of Kimura BJJ
 Boston for years, sharing his experience as an instructor in
one of our affiliated schools
 and also as an active competitor. Congratulations Fabiano!!


KIMURA BJJ News: Kids Belt Promotion on Oct. 16th!

 Hi everyone!! We just had our Kimura BJJ Boston Kids Belt Promotion on Tuesday,

Oct. 16th. It is a great pleasure to see the new comers, future of our school

so excited to earn their stripes and belts by putting in their hard work and

having fun as they learn the techniques of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We thank all the

parents, family and friends for supporting us! Let’s keep on training and

improving every day at KIMURA BJJ!!! 


Lets give " thumbs way up " for Rick Finerman:

Hi everyone! Once again , we have exciting news!! Lets give " thumbs way up " for Rick Finerman from Watertown MA, our blue belt at Kimura BJJ Boston.

Rick has just competed in the IBJJF World Jiu-Jitsu Master and Senior Championship in California, Senior division,Making to podium and claiming his bronze medal. Thank you Rick for your hard work and commitment. Lets keep on training!!!


Watertown’s Kimura BJJ Scores Back-To-Back Championships at Boston Open Tournament!

August 25, 2012 - Boston, MA, Watertown’s Kimura BJJ won the overall team championship for the second consecutive year this past weekend at the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation’s Boston Open tournament. The IBJJF is widely considered the most prestigious sanctioning body in the world for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition. This year the tournament hosted over 600 competitors from all around the U.S.
Kimura BJJ sent 60 students this year to compete in the Men, Women, and Juvenile, divisions and came home again with the team championship title and an impressive 37 medals in total including 9 Gold, 12 Silver, and 16 Bronze. Kimura students took home medals in every category from novice to expert demonstrating once again
the effectiveness of their training and tournament preparation.
Kimura BJJ founder, owner, and head instructor Master Jean Kleber shared his thoughts on the school’s success: “The IBJJF is the most important sanctioning body in the world for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition, and winning an IBJJF tournament back-to-back right here in our home town is amazing. Our school is all about team unity and our students training together to try to continuously improve. Success in major tournaments like this really validates our student’s efforts.”
Kleber further added “as always, the hard work and dedication of all of our students and instructors from all Kimura branches has paid off, and the great thing is that our tournament success spills over to our other students from our kids and women’s programs to our students who choose to make BJJ part of their lives but who don’t necessarily want to compete—everyone benefits and that’s what I have always envisioned for the school. Only about 30% of our students choose to compete, the rest train for fitness, self-defense, and health.”
Originally founded in Brazil, Kimura BJJ will celebrate its 10th anniversary in the U.S. next year and the school’s reputation for success and excellence continues to grow. In recent years Kimura BJJ students have won World Championships, Pan-American Championships, and a number of other significant global competitions. Most
recently, Kimura BJJ student Renan Barao of Natal, Brazil won the UFC Bantamweight Championship drawing further attention to Kimura BJJ and the level of training offered at the school.

Check out this link, Jean is being interviewed for the IBJJF: 


Also Check out this article about our school in the local Lowell Newspaper:


 Upcoming on Saturday August 25th,

  Kimura BJJ Boston is set to defend the overall Team Championship at the IBJJF Boston
  Open Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament to be held in Boston.

Kimura BJJ won the team title last year in the inaugural year for the event in Boston.
Almost 60 students have registered to compete in the tournament this year from White Belts to Black Belts, Juveniles to Seniors, men and women. Everybody has been training hard and hopes are high that Kimura BJJ Boston is in a position to win back to back championships.
Kimura BJJ founder and head instructor Master Jean Kleber had this to say: "We are all very excited to compete in our home town and to defend our Championship title from last year. The IBJJF sets the standard for the world when it comes to BJJ tournaments and it is always a terrific experience to compete in their events. Having this one on our home ground is even more special."
Kleber further added: "our students have been training hard and are well prepared. I am very confident that we will have a good showing in the tournament. Everybody within the Kimura community including friends, family, students are welcome and encouraged to attend the event to come and support our team competitors and fellow students."


UFC Fighter With Ties to Watertown’s MA  Kimura Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to Fight for UFC Championship Belt 

July 18, 2012- The Ultimate Fighting Championship has become one of the fastest growing sports in the world, drawing growing numbers of attendees to live UFC events
as well as television viewers around the world. The UFC recently signed a multi-year television contract with Fox Sports, which should serve to draw even more attention to the sport.

Local martial arts school Kimura Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Boston of Watertown, now has ties to 3 contracted UFC fighters through Kimura’s original base in Natal and Rio de Janeiro Brazil. UFC fighters Renan Barao, Ronny Markes, and Jussier “Formiga” da Silva are all actively training at Kimura BJJ in Brazil, the original birthplace of Kimura BJJ U.S.A. and it’s founder, owner, and head instructor Master Jean Kleber.

Barao will be fighting Urijah Faber this coming weekend forthe UFC Interim Bantamweight Championship belt at UFC 149 and hopes are high throughout the Kimura community in the both the U.S. and Brazil that Barao will be the first Kimura BJJ trained fighter to win a UFC Championship belt.

When asked about the growing attention on Kimura trained UFC fighters, Kimura BJJ U.S.A.’s Master Jean Klleber had this to say: “I am so proud. From a very young age I trained day and night on the same mats in Brazil that have now become the training ground for these great UFC fighters. Seeing the level of our training at Kimura help to take these guys to the highest level of competition in the world is amazing.” 

Kleber added: “Seeing so many of my own former training partners, friends, and teammates going as far back as 20 years ago in Brazil,now coaching and training this current stable of fighters brings back so many great memories for me.”

Although Kimura BJJ Boston U.S.A has deep roots in competition and still trains students for tournaments and world class competition around the world, more than 70 percent of current Kimura students are people from all walks of life who do not compete at all, but train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as their martial art of choice for self-defense, fitness,and stress relief.

For more information or to contact Kimura BJJ go to www.kimurabjj.com


Watertown’s Kimura BJJ Makes History Awarding Three New Black Belts!


May 19, 2012 - Watertown, MA, Watertown’s Kimura Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu held a major student belt promotion ceremony last Saturday, May 19th.The martial arts school made history by holding the ceremony outdoors for the first time ever on picture perfect day on the field of the Watertown Boys and Girls Club.

It was the largest belt promotion in the schools’ ten-year history, with 112 students receiving promotions and over 200 people attending the event including students and their families, spectators, and school supporters.

 Surprising everyone in attendance, school founder, owner,and head instructor Master Jean Kleber awarded 3 Black Belts to longtime students Joseph Bell from Roslindale MA, Diego Ferroni from Revere MA, and Leonardo Flores from Somerville MA, Notably; Bell now holds the unique distinction of being the first American born Kimura student awarded a Black Belt at KimuraBJJ Boston. Additionally Master Kleber awarded Kimura BJJ Black Belt Michael Fontes from Watertown MA the rank of Black Belt Second Degree.

Distinct from most other martial arts, belt promotions inBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu are few and far between taking about 10 years of consistent training for students to earn the rank of Back Belt. Students must first progressing through the ranks of White, Blue, Purple, Brown, and finally Black.

Kleber also awarded 7 Brown Belts, 14 Purple Belts, and numerous progress stripes to students progressing through the ranks from novice to expert.

 Reflecting on the belt promotion, Master Kleber said: “This was one of the most important days in the history of our academy, and I could not be more pleased with the way everything went. Promoting 3 Black Belts including my fist American born Black Belt was truly a pleasure and so incredibly gratifying.   The road to getting a Black Belt in BJJ is very long, and I am so proud of all of our students who remain so committed to their training every week as they pursue that ultimate goal.”

 Kleber further added, “The core value of our school is unity above all else, and seeing so many Kimura students and supporters together today at one time, all sharing in such an amazing experience was like a dream come true for me.”

Watertown’s Kimura BJJ Wins “The Good Fight”

Boston Open Tournament






May 5, 2012 - Boston, MA, Watertown’s Kimura Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu won the overall team championship this past weekend at The Good Fight Boston Open grappling tournament held at Hellenic College in Brookline.

Kimura BJJ sent 32 students to the Boston Open to compete in the Men, Women, and Kids, divisions and came home with the team championship title and an impressive 47 medals in total in both the Gi and No-Gi dividsions. Kimura students took home medals in every category from novice to expert demonstrating once again the effectiveness of their training and tournament preparation.

Notable performances came from Kimura BJJ instructor Alexandre Vicente of Brighton MA who took 1st place in the adult male purple belt division. Alex is the lead instructor at Kimura BJJ Framingham MA. Fellow Kimura instructor Fabiano Trancoso also won gold in the purple belt division in his weight class representing the Kimura BJJ Tewksbury MA branch.  Vicente and Trancoso’s tournament success in the purple belt division comes just 2 weeks before they will both be promoted to the rank of brown belt on May 19th. Quincy resident Travis Weiner finished 1st in the open class division, with fellow Kimura BJJ student and Watertown MA resident Patrick Neilan taking 2nd place in the same.

In the Kids division, Nate Chandler of Newton MA took home 1 gold and 2 silver medals, competing in both Gi and No-Gi divisions.  7 Year old Ben Walls also took home a gold medal in his weight class.

Kimura BJJ founder, owner, and head instructor Master Jean Kleber shared his thoughts on the school’s success:  “This is the first time our students have competed for The Good Fight organization and to win the overall team championship in our first attempt is very gratifying, particularly since the tournament took place so close to home.”

In addition to the team championship win at the Boston Open, team Kimura had another reason to celebrate after the weekend. Professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter and Kimura BJJ student Jimmy Collins of Waltham won his 8th MMA fight at the Cage Titan Fighting event held over the same weekend, taking his unbeaten record to 8-0. Jimmy submitted his opponent with an arm triangle, a classic BJJ technique.

Kleber further added “Between our Team Championship and Jimmy’s continued success in MMA as he climbs the professional ranks, it was an amazing weekend. As always, the hard work and dedication of all of our students and instructors from all Kimura branches has paid off again. Only about one-third of our students choose to compete, but all of our students train together, so any tournament success is really a victory for our entire school and I couldn’t be more proud of all of our students. 


Kimura BJJ Boston Students Medal at Pan

American Championships

5 Kimura BJJ Boston students travelled to California recently to compete in the prestigious Pan American Championships. The Pan Am hosts a world-class roster of competitors every year and 2012 was no exception. Two of Kimura’s 5 students took home medals, showing once again that Kimura BJJ Boston can successfully compete with the best in the world.

Bruno Braz, from Watertown MA, stepped-up to compete in the Brown Belt division and made the most of the opportunity by taking home a 3rd place medal.

Ariel, from Belmont MA, competed in the BJJ women’s white belt division and also took home a bronze medal.

Claire Silva a former Pan Am Champion, Rick, and Yuri also competed for Kimura BJJ, with each continuing to improve and taking their games to higher levels.

Master Jean had this to say: “I am proud of all of our students who made the trip to the west coast to compete in the Pan Am. Stepping on the mat to compete in any tournament takes a big commitment, but tournaments like the Pan Am are a whole other level and just competing there is incredibly valuable for anybody trying to improve their game.. To have 2 of the 5 students we sent come home with medals is a big bonus and a testament to the work we do in our training.”

Four Kimura BJJ Boston students went to the Long Island Pride Jiu Jitsu competition earlier this month and brought home 7 medals!

Thiago Castro from Watertown MA, placed 1st in the blue belt absolute division and 3rd in the blue belt 167 lb. division.

Claire Silva from Boston placed 1st in the blue belt 154 lb. division and 2nd in the blue belt absolute divison.

Yuri Mednikov from Newton MA, placed 2nd in the blue belt 154 lb. division and 3rd in the nogi 154 lb. division.

Derric Crothers from Boston MA, placed 2nd in the white belt 154 master division.

Nice job, guys. Let's keep training, competition or no. See you in class! Remember, only 30% of our school competes.

Four Kimura BJJ Boston students went to the Long Island Pride Jiu Jitsu competition earlier this month and brought home 7 medals!

Thiago Castro from Watertown MA, placed 1st in the blue belt absolute division and 3rd in the blue belt 167 lb. division.

Claire Silva from Boston placed 1st in the blue belt 154 lb. division and 2nd in the blue belt absolute divison.

Yuri Mednikov from Newton MA, placed 2nd in the blue belt 154 lb. division and 3rd in the nogi 154 lb. division.

Derric Crothers from Boston MA, placed 2nd in the white belt 154 master division.

Nice job, guys. Let's keep training, competition or no. See you in class! Remember, only 30% of our school competes.

Kimura BJJ Kids Student Nate Chandler Wins More Gold

Kimura BJJ's Nate Chandler, just 8 years old, competed on November 19th in The Good Fight 'Thanksgiving Throwdown' in Farmington, CT. Nate weighed in at 54 lbs and competed in 8 fights, winning 6 times in both Gi and No-Gi divisions. Impressively, the only person in Nate's weight class was a Green belt (two belt levels above yellow belt Nate), who Nate beat 4 times on his way to two gold medals.

Not satisfied with beating Green belts in his own age and weight class, Nate moved up to the 10-12 year old age group, 70 lbs and under, and won 2 fights out of 4, taking home 2 more silver medals.

After competing in CT, and still wanting more competition, Nate went to Newark, NJ the very next Day to compete in the NAGA tournament. He fought in the 8 & 9 year old/ 59.9 pound and under 'Expert' bracket. Facing yet another Green belt challenger from Maryland, Nate's hard work, focus and determination paid off big as he beat his more experienced challenger in a closely fought match on route to a bronze medal.

When asked about Nate's performance, his dad Frank said "Nate has been working hard every week with all of you at Kimura. I'm hoping to show him that hard work and commitment can overcome huge obstacles. That you can always work to improve yourself and accomplish great things. Bruno was just talking to his class recently about how colors on belts don't mean that the fighter is good, strong, quick or well conditioned.... only that they have been learning and practicing for a long time. This weekend, Nate had 4 fights against Green Belts, winning 2 of the 4 matches, and one of the fighters he lost to was 12 years old and 68 pounds. His success is a testament to the level of BJJ training he is receiving at Kimura BJJ"

Master Jean added "Nate is a great example for all of our students of any age. BJJ is like most things in life, you get out of it what you put into it. Nate has been working hard and staying very focused, and his success on the mat is a direct result of his effort to always keep improving. All of Kimura is very proud of young Nate and he has a very bright future ahead of him in whatever he chooses to pursue on or off the mat."

Congratulations Nate!

Kimura BJJ's Jeff Hsu Wins In His MMA Debut


On Saturday November 19th, Kimura BJJ Student Jeff Hsu made his MMA debut at Rumble In The Jungle in Plymouth, MA and won decisively by submitting his opponent in round 1 with a rear naked choke. Jeff's performance was impressive as he demonstrated his excellent BJJ skills that ultimately helped him secure the victory. All of us at Kimura know that it will be the first victory of many for Jeff. After seeing Jeff's performance, Master Jean had this to say: "I am proud of Jeff for winning in his MMA debut, and am very happy to see that the skills he has learned at Kimura BJJ had such a positive impact on his results. I have no doubt that Jeff will continue to develop as a fighter and take his skills to new levels of success in the future." Great job Jeff!

UFC 138 Results: Renan Barao from Kimura is One Win Away from a Title Shot!

Renen Barao is the real deal.

This past Saturday at UFC 138, Barao from Kimura faced his toughest challenge yet. With his resounding defeat of Brad Pickett, Barao notched his 27th straight win—and 13th by submission.

Both fighters came out swinging, and while Barao got the better of most exchanges, Pickett held his own in the opening minutes. After catching Pickett square in the face with a knee, Barao threw a barrage of punches, knocked Pickett down, and wasted no time taking his back.

Sinking in a body triangle to control Pickett, Barao eventually worked in a deep rear-naked choke, giving Pickett no choice but to tap.

For those who questioned Barao's legitimacy in the bantamweight division, this was a compelling performance. Barao steamrolled his toughest opponent to date, in front of a hostile crowd to boot. Defeating Pickett, ranked No. 8 by USA Today/MMA Nation, should certainly land Barao firmly in the Top 10 rankings.

Stripe and belt promotion- Oct 20th

On Thursday, October 20th, Kimura BJJ Boston held a belt promotion at the school headquarters in Watertown. In total, 9 Kimura BJJ students were awarded their Blue Belt from Master Jean, with 12 more students earning promotion stripes. As always, it was a great promotion and a great night, and Master Jean had this to say:

“I am so proud of all of our students. At every level, our students continue to train hard and are very committed to improving their skills, and promotions like this are the result of their hard work and dedication.” Let’s all keep working together, training hard, and pushing each other to keep improving!

Kimura BJJ Competitors Medal in Long Island

A small squadron of Kimura BJJ competitors traveled to New York to compete in Long Island Pride XIII on the historic day of September 11.

As always, the teenage sensation from Watertown, Massachusetts, Thiago, did not disappoint, amazingly winning four divisions at blue belt 154 pounds for both gi and no-gi in the juvenile and adult brackets.

The even younger star from Newton, Massachusetts, Nate, who is just 8 years old, won a stupendous five fights, taking first place in both the gi and no-gi divisions.

Other Kimura BJJ competitors who put on solid performances included Bruno, who took first place in the 141-pound purple belt gi division; Diego, who took second place in the 181-pound brown belt gi division; Yuri who put on a solid performance in the 154-pound blue belt gi division.

Master Jean commends all of those Kimura BJJ fighters who showed heart and determination.

No competition requirements to be a part of our family, only 30% of our students compete!

Jimmy stays undefeated, wins by triangle choke

Lightweight prospect, Jimmy Collins, won another MMA battle September 9, submitting Dinis Paiva by triangle choke at 4:23 in the first round. Jimmy, who trains at Kimura BJJ among other such renowned gyms as Peter Welchs Gym and Team Aggression, maintained his undefeated streak in both pro and amateur MMA bouts.

His latest triumph came at the Classic Entertainment & Sports (CES) Road to Glory showdown in Lincoln, Rhode Island. The Waltham native continues to show increasing promise and impressive skills with each fight. With a wrestling base and often giving up a height and reach advantage, it is extraordinary that Jimmy won by triangle choke. Thats the power of BJJ!

Seminar Oct. 1-2 with Kimura BJJ Founder!

Traveling to Boston from Brazil, the founder of Kimura BJJ, Master Jair Lourenco, will host a once-in-a-lifetime seminar October 1-2 at Kimura BJJ in Watertown, Massachusetts.

If you are going to attend one Kimura BJJ event of the year, this is the one said Master Jean Kleber, who trained under Master Jair for years in Natal, Brazil.

All students should come to Kimura BJJ for this seminar. It is an amazing opportunity.

As founder and head instructor of the Kimura BJJ Academy in Brazil, Master Jair has trained countless BJJ world champions and also formidable MMA fighters, including current UFC fighters, Renan Barao and Roni Marques.

With a total of four sessions, the seminar will cover a range of top-notch techniques in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for both beginners and all levels. He will also lead one session on no gi and MMA.

Saturday, October 1st

9am -- Noon Beginners

1pm - 4pm All Levels

Sunday, October 2nd

10am - 1pm Beginners

1:30pm - 4pm No Gi/MMA

Register now! All registrations after Sept 20th will be $15 extra. This is a seminar you do not want to miss!

Kimura BJJ trains for IBJJF Boston Tourney

For the first time, the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) is hosting a major tournament in Boston, and Kimura BJJ, among the best BJJ martial arts schools in Boston, New England, and the East Coast, is in the heat of training for the fights.

The Boston Open IBJJF Championship will be held August 27 at the UMASS Boston campus. All Kimura BJJ competitors are encouraged to go compete, for those who don't like to compete just go to support your friends.

Boston International Open IBJJF Championship

August 27th, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Athletes List: By Academy - By Division

13 Kimura BJJ competitors bring home 16 NAGA medals

A squad of 13 Kimura BJJ Boston competitors headed to Hartford, CT July 30 for another NAGA Tournament. They did not disappoint, as the small team came home with 16 medals, fighting in both gi and no-gi events.

Blue belt Marcelinho stood out as a star of the tournament, winning top honors in the adult gi competition and placing second in no-gi. A native of Belmont, Massachusetts, Marcelinho is a long-time student at Kimura BJJ Boston and always improves and gives it his all. He may by short in stature, but fiery attitude is an inspiration to all at Kimura BJJ Boston.

Some of Kimura BJJ’s young talent continues to take on all comers and finish on top. Teenage phenom, Thiago, made a clean first-place sweep of the gi and no-gi divisions, as did Claire in the women’s divisions.

Diego, Scott, and Yuri also won top place honors in their respective divisions. Other medal winners included Bruno (2nd gi and 2nd no gi), Celio Jr. (3rd gi), Nate (2nd gi kids), Alex (3rd gi), Joel (3rd gi) and Marbnys (3rd gi).

“Congratulations to all the competitors,” said Kimura BJJ Boston head instructor, Jean Kleber. “Thank you to all the instructors at our Kimura BJJ branches.”

No competition requirements to be a part of our family, only 30% of our students compete!

Kimura BJJ Boston scores big wins at East Coast Championship

BJJ Boston sent only a small delegation to the NAGA East Coast Grappling Championship in Springfield, Massachusetts June 4, but they still came home with plenty of big medals. Scoring eight top-three finishes, Kimura BJJ competitors won several gold medals, including Travis Wiener, Brady Liss, and Scott, who competed for the first time. The eight-year-old kid, Nate Chandler, fought above his weight class and age bracket and still won two silver medals! Lucas Lowry and Ana, who was also fighting for the first time, both won bronze medals. Congrats to all. Keep training through the summer! Kimura BJJ is your home for the best BJJ in Boston. Congrats for all Kimura BJJ Boston family, from Tewksbury, Framingham, Taunton, South Boston and Watertown locations. No competition requirements to be a part of our family, just 50% of our students compete!

Kimura BJJ Boston hosts summer stripe promotion

Kimura BJJ Boston hosted a summer stripe promotion in Watertown, Massachusetts on June 23. An outstanding 50 students received additional stripes on their belts. Brown belts Leo Flores, Diego Ferroni, and Joey Bell all received stripes as well. Congratulations to everyone! Keep training with commitment and passion!

Kimura BJJ wins Gold at Mundials

The young Kimura BJJ superstar, Thiago Castro, shocked the world once again and took home gold from the World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships, known as the Mundials, held in Long Beach, California June 2-5. Thiago won two fights via submission, locking up triangle chokes and transitioning to arm bars. In the finals, Thiago won by a single advantage after securing a full triangle. Another rising Kimura BJJ competitor, Claire, also won bronze at the prestigious tournament. Way to go Thiago, Claire, and Kimura BJJ! Kimura BJJ is your home for the best BJJ in Boston, BJJ in New England, and some of the finest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructors in the United States.

Kimura BJJ competitors win gold at Pan-Ams

Apr/6/2011 Academy News, Student Highlight, Tournament Results

Thiago takes home Pan-Am gold

Claire takes 1st place

Kimura Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu sent six students to compete in the 2011 Pan American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship held in California this past weekend, a tournament that hosts elite competitors from around the globe, and is widely considered to be one of the most prestigious and important martial arts tournaments in the world.

Two Kimura BJJ competitors won gold medals and were crowned champions in their divisions, once again demonstrating that Kimura BJJ students can successfully compete with the best in the world. Brighton’s Claire Sukarev took home gold for Kimura in the Women’s White Belt Division, and Watertown’s Thiago Castro brought home the gold medal and championship in the Teen BlueBelt Division.

“I was really surprised by the number of women competing and the high level of competition at the tournament. Standing on the podium andwearing the gold medal felt a little surreal at first and took a little while to sink in, but it was an amazing experience” said Sukarev. Castro, a Watertown High School student added: “I have been training really hard to prepare for this tournament and to come out on top is unbelievable. I felt confident going into it, but the level of competition is fierce so you never know exactly what to expect. I can’t wait to share my experience with my friends at school.”

When asked for his thoughts on his student’s success on a world stage, Kimura BJJ U.S.A founder and head instructor Master Jean Kleber had this to say: “All six of our students really impressed me at the Pan Am. Every one of them showed that they have what it takes to be competitive with the best in the world. To see our students succeed on such a high level is incredibly gratifying. Every student and instructor at Kimura BJJ is aware of the quality and depth of our training within our school, but it is always nice to take advantage of our opportunities to show the rest of the world what we are capable of as well. I am so proud of all of our students and instructors for the hard work and dedication they bring to class every day.”

For anyone with an interest in learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for self-defense, improved health and fitness, competition training, or stress relief, Kimura Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu offers a variety of classes every day for men, women, and children. For more information or to contact Kimura BJJ go to www.kimurabjj.com

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Kimura BJJ repeats as Long Island champions

Mar/8/2011 Academy News, Belt Promotion, Branches, Tournament Results

Now back in Boston, Kimura BJJ took home the team title from the Long Island Pride XI championships held March 5 at CUNY York College, repeating their first-place finish from 2010 at the highly competitive tournament. With 49 students competing, the team won an astounding 41 medals, including 11 golds, 22 silvers, and 8 bronzes. More than 50 teams competed from some of the top schools in the country. Kimura BJJ finished more than 75 points ahead of the second place team.“As always, Long Island puts on a fantastic tournament,” said Master Jean Kleber. “I also want to thank all the Kimura BJJ students, instructors, friends and family who supported us at the competition. Kimura BJJ is heading in the right direction!”For more information and for future Long Island Pride events, check out www.lipridebjj.com

Kimura BJJ is your home for BJJ in Watertown, BJJ in Boston, BJJ for kids, BJJ in Mass, best BJJ school in Boston, with schools in Watertown, South Boston, Tewksbury, Taunton, and Framingham.

Jimmy dominant in pro MMA Fight

Mar/1/2011 Student Highlight, Tournament Results

Jimmy celebrates with coaches after the fight

Jimmy works some ground and pound

Competing in a stacked NAGA Reality Fighting event, Jimmy Collins scored an impressive victory February 26 at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Ucansville, Connecticut. Jimmy completely overwhelmed his opponent, Leroy Derricott, and submitted him via rear naked choke at 4:19 in the first round. The 155-pound prospect trains with Team Aggression, under UFC veteran, Joe Lauzon, Peter Welch Boxing, and Kimura BJJ. With Lauzon in his corner, the decorated wrestler showed off his boxing ability, punishing Derricott with body shots and dropping him with a left hook to the head. Jimmy’s vicious ground and pound forced his opponent to give up his back and Jimmy soon locked in the choke. Derrioctt tapped and UFC veteran ref, Dan Miragliotta called the fight in the final minute of the first round. Jimmy remains undefeated in both amateur and professional competition. Way to go, Jimmy!

Kimura BJJ: NAGA New England Champs!

Feb/17/2011 Academy News, Tournament Results

Kimura BJJ kicked off its 2011 competition campaign with the same triumphant spirit from 2010. With only 16 students competing, Kimura BJJ still won the gi team title at the NAGA New England Championships January 29 in Lincoln, Rhode Island.Kimura BJJ edged out its local Massachusetts rivals Team Link BJJ, who finished in second–place in the gi competition and first in no-gi. With individual Kimura BJJ competitors winning a total of 12 medals, highlights in the gi tournament included a first-place finish for Diego Ferroni in the men’s black and brown belt middleweight division.

In 2010, Kimura BJJ had a banner year, winning all major gi tournaments in which a full Kimura BJJ team competed, including the Grapplers Quest UFC Fan Expo in Boston, the NAGA North American Championships, Long Island Pride IX, and the NAGA Mohegan Sun Championships. Kimura BJJ also sent smaller groups of individual competitors to a several national and international competitions, bringing home innumerable medals and belts.

Kimura BJJ will send its full team to the Long Island Pride XI championships March 5.

Kimura BJJ is your home for BJJ in Watertown, BJJ in Boston, BJJ for kids, BJJ in Mass, best BJJ school in Boston, with schools in Watertown, South Boston, Marlborough, Tewksbury, Taunton, and Framingham.