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Kimura BJJ Academy

Master Jean Kleber

Born in Natal, Brazil, Jean Kleber discovered the art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and started training at the age of 14. After a year of training, Jean was introduced to Master Jair Lourenco, founder of the first Kimura Jiu-jitsu academy in Brazil. Lourenco immediately saw potential in Jean and asked him to join the Kimura competition team. Shortly after joining Team Kimura, Jean competed in the Rio Grande do Norte State Championship; it was his first tournament of many to come.

In 1995, in addition to competing in tournaments throughout Brazil, Jean’s master Jair Lourenco and his business partner invited Jean to become an instructor for a class at the Kimura academy. Already known for his exceptional abilities as a fighter and competitor, Jean began to gain new recognition within the BJJ community and also by the local media for his extraordinary talent as an instructor.

As a result of Kimura’s growing popularity and recognition for excellence, its student population increased, which led to the opening of an additional Kimura school. At the same time, Master Andre Pederneiras invited Team Kimura to join forces with the Nova Uniao Jiu-jitsu team of Brazil. The joining of Kimura with Nova Uniao gave Team Kimura members the opportunity to further hone and refine their skills and to take their technical ability to a new level of proficiency.

After the Nova Uniao/Kimura union was formed, Jean Kleber’s popularity as a competitor and teacher continued to grow throughout the BJJ community and beyond. He competed in tournaments throughout Brazil, with many of his competitions drawing thousands of spectators and national print and television coverage. During this time, Jean also took the opportunity to teach seminars in Brazil and Europe, spreading the art of Jiu-jitsu everywhere he went.

In 2001 Jean moved to Portugal and opened the first Kimura Jiu-jitsu School outside of Brazil. After firmly establishing the school, he asked Dinarte Silva, a black belt, to continue with development of Kimura BJJ in Portugal.

In 2003, Jean Kleber moved to the United States where he met Steve Giroux, owner of Giroux Brothers Martial Arts School. Steve offered Jean the use of his space to start the first Kimura BJJ academy in the USA. Once again, word of Jean’s ability as a teacher and technical knowledge of Jiu-jitsu spread rapidly throughout New England. Kimura BJJ USA continues to grow and flourish to this day along with Master Jean’s reputation as one of the world’s elite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructors and practitioners.


• Founder/Owner/Head instructor – Kimura Academy USA

• Founder – Kimura BJJ Europe

• 1st Kimura BJJ instructor to open a Kimura branch in Brazil

• More than 16 years of BJJ experience

• More than 10 years of BJJ teaching experience

• 1st instructor to teach BJJ at local schools in Brazil

• Extensively trained in Muay-Thai, Judo, Vale Tudo (MMA), and submission wrestling

• Developed state, national, and world BJJ champions

• Developed Vale Tudo (MMA), and submission wrestling champions

• Developed high-level instructors

• Ended 75% of fights by finalizing the opponent


• 3rd degree black belt certified by USBJJF, IBJJF, CBJJ, and CBJJO

• Jean Kleber received his black belt in 2001 from masters Jair Lourenço and Andre Pederneiras, one of the best black belts of the legendary Master Carlson Gracie

• Black belt certificate from Nova União, the academy with the largest number of world titles – Master Andre Pederneiras.

• Black belt certificate from the Kimura Academy – 2005 world champion, master Jair Lorenco.

• First Aid certificate

• N.N.S.A. Seminar instructor certified


• 6 x State champion. (Brazil)

• 5 x Northeastern champion. (Brazil)

• 4 x North Northeastern champion. (Brazil)

• 2 x champion of the Kimura cup Absolute division. (Brazil)

• 2 x champion Brazil-North championship-Absolute division. (Brazil)

• 2 x champion of the Eucle Uchoa cup-Absolute division. (Brazil)


• Bad Boy Cup champion (Brazil)

• Ciclone Cup champion (Brazil)

• De-La-Riva Cup champion - Absolute division (Brazil)

• Atama Kimonos Cup champion (Brazil)

• Open athletic Center Cup champion (Brazil)

• Diario de Pernanbuco Cup champion - Absolute division (Brazil)

• Carlson Gracie Cup champion - Absolute division (Brazil)

• First challenge of the 400th anniversary of Natal City champion - Absolute division (Brazil)

• First challenge Carlson Gracie Team X Nova uniao Team champion - Absolute division (Brazil)

• First Titas's Duel champion - Absolute division (fighting with an opponent 50 lbs heavier) (Brazil)

• Grappling tournament D.L.T champion

• BJJ tournament -D.L.T champion - Absolute division (USA)

• North-American Grappling tournament N.A.G.A . champion - Absolute divison (U.S.A)