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Kimura BJJ Academy

Kimura Private Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Martial arts Lessons

Private lessons at Kimura BJJ offer students an unmatched level of personal attention to help them dramatically accelerate their rate of learning. Private lessons allow the instructor to personally feel exactly what the student is doing and then provide the student with immediate and direct feedback on their technique.

Whether a student is looking to accelerate their learning, fine tune their technique, work on specific areas of weakness, or simply have an instructor provide them with a one-on-one “spot check,” having the undivided attention of an instructor for an entire lesson offers immeasurable value. Simply put: private instruction at Kimura BJJ delivers maximum results in minimum time.

For those students with unusually busy schedules, private lessons also offer the added benefit of scheduling flexibility so they can be added to a student’s calendar almost any time to maximize their training time beyond scheduled classes.

Many Kimura students find that using private lessons in addition to regularly attending group classes allows them to optimize their total time on the mat and provide an ideal training blend by combining the best of both worlds.

For more information or to discuss scheduling a private lesson please feel free to call us anytime and we will be happy to find the program that best suits your needs.