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Kimura BJJ Academy

kimura Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Martial Arts in Boston, Watertown, Taunton, Tewksbury

It seems that not a day goes by without hearing a news report about the bullying epidemic that has become so prevalent in our schools and among our nation’s youth. Statistics show that every day in the U.S. as many as 150,000 kids miss school due to fear or intimidation from bullies. It is widely believed that bullying is one of the leading causes of low self-esteem in children. Making matters worse is the fact that most victims of bullying don’t report it or talk about it. Bullies are typically insecure individuals who harass smaller, weaker children to boost their own sense of self-esteem and ego.


Our Kimura Kids BJJ training program strives to achieve these objectives:

-Increase self-confidence

-Increase self-esteem

-Give students a sense of empowerment and mastery

-Instill a sense of discipline

-Develop character

-Physical fitness and activity

-Self-defense as the last option


We believe that by focusing as much of our attention on what happens “inside” of the child as we do on the ”outside,” we can give our Kimura Kids the mental and physical tools they need to effectively deal with any of life’s adversities and challenges not only as kids, but for the rest of their lives.

We believe that a child with a high sense of self-esteem and self-confidence with no tolerance for harassment of any kind is far less appealing as a target of bullies. However, they will also be prepared to effectively deal with a wide range of common scenarios including defending themselves should they ever be left with no other choice.

Some of our Kimura Kids also enjoy taking on the challenge of competing in organized BJJ tournaments against other kids of similar ability, size, and experience.


Our Kimura Kids program is divided into 2 age categories: 3-7 and 8-12 years old.

All of our Kimura Kids classes are designed to strike a balance between just plain having fun to keep kids engaged, while at the same time, instilling a sense of self-discipline as they learn new BJJ techniques and further develop their skills.

We believe that even very young children are more than capable of learning very real and immediately practical BJJ techniques when taught correctly and in a way that they can understand.

Kimura Kids classes are about structure to instill a sense of discipline and control, blended with elements of spontaneity and fun, resulting in an ideal learning environment to help build a foundation for a lifetime of personal-development.