Family BJJ

Family BJJ:

From his earliest days of teaching BJJ over 20 years ago, Kimura BJJ USA founder Jean Kleber had a vision to one day offer families the opportunity to train together in a shared class, regardless of age or ability. He believes that families training together in BJJ will foster deeper bonds while sharing the physical and mental health benefits that BJJ delivers so well to all who participate.
In a day and age when family members are constantly pulled in different directions, and coming together for family time on a daily basis is becoming a rarity, engaging in a healthy activity like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu together offers a unique and invaluable experience.
The ground-breaking Kimura BJJ family program is a dream come true for Master Jean. There are other BJJ schools who teach kids and adults in separate classes, but none have created a specific Family BJJ program to engage the entire family in a shared training experience. The Kimura BJJ Family program is yet another reason that Kimura BJJ stands alone as one of the world’s premier BJJ schools offering BJJ for all, right here in Boca Raton.


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